From Packrat to Minimalist: The Interview

I wrote a blog post 2 weeks about my new efforts in moving toward being a minimalist. You can read that article here. Often times when undergoing a change you have to identify why you are doing it? Why is it important to you? Identify your losses and gains as well as the origin. I’m highlighting … Read more

Living Your Authentic Life Series: Part 2 – Reinventing Yourself

When you were little what was that thing that you proclaimed to everyone that you wanted to be when you grew up? Better yet, now that you are an adult what is that one thing that you still want to be when you grow up? Yes, don’t be afraid to answer that question. It really … Read more


Living Your Authentic Life Series: Part 1 – Discovering what has always been. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty If you haven’t watched this movie, I would definitely recommend adding it to your collection. Have you ever watched a movie that motivated you? A movie that calls for you to come out of your normal existence? … Read more