How a Spring Break Trip To Dallas Made it Our Home

Exactly 3 months from visiting over Spring Break, we find ourselves as new residents of a suburb of Dallas. *inserts happy dance*


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It was in my heart for a very long time and I couldn't keep ignoring the tug that I felt that was drawing me to leave my current city and be planted here. My roots were there, the community that I had invested time and sweat into was there, and basically everything I had ever known. But, every since I visited Dallas for the very first time as a teenager, TX felt like home.

As life begin to happen, it became so much easier to push this dream to the back burner. In spite of my best efforts to settle into life where I was planted, I felt the tug again. This time it was so much stronger than before. If I didn't make the move I felt that not only would I not be where I needed to be, but I would be missing out on whatever was meant for me.

So there I was getting everything in order to make the move. I'll get back to that in a moment, let me first start by telling you how it all got started.

I made plans to take off work and visit for an entire week during Spring Break in March. My son was out of school and it was the perfect time to get away. I had no clue what we would do, but my goal was just to get here, check out the lay of the land and begin solidifying this thing in my mind first. During the first trip I really hadn't told anyone what we were doing or how soon we were even considering it.

We were so lucky to visit a ton a places, spend time with family and friends and enjoy some good food and fun during our week in Dallas.

Check out some of our photos below. You can find them all on my instagram:

My favorite picture from Perot Museum of Nature and Science yesterday.

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My son and I were able to visit several amazing attractions using the #VisitDallas City Pass. A CityPass is a pretty nice way to save travelers over 41% (almost half) off regular combined admission to are attractions.  We loved scheduling or days around the activities that were available to us.

Now that we are residents - every time that we're downtown and we see the GEO Deck at Reunion Tower we are both reminded of the wonderful time we had.



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There were so many things that were immediately attractive to me about TX. It's growing so fast. Apartments were flying up everywhere just to maintain the demand for living space. Everything is booming and there isn't a shortage of jobs. Not to mention the wonderful displays of culture, art, food and music.

I want to be sure to mention Zane at as a special thanks for making us feel welcome as we made plans for our spring break visit. We felt right at home from the beginning starting with our communication with you. You are simply a star! Keep serving the people of Dallas in such an amazing way because what you do matters.

We're here now and we've settled in. My son has officially started school and we couldn't be more happy. I just want to encourage someone to take that leap that you've been wanting to do for quite some time. Granted, there is the possibility that you'll land flat on your face - but you won't know unless you try. Right?!

How a Spring Break Trip To Dallas Made it Our Home

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