Back to School Snacks in Less Than 15 Minutes!!

My son started school this week. It is officially his last year in middle school. He left for the bus and I did what any normal helicopter parent would do. I went to his room and started meddling. Disclaimer: My meddling was less about snooping on him as it was more about savoring the last few years that I have with him. This is my baby we are taking about.
I quickly went from meddling to cleaning and reorganizing. I mean who really keeps socks in the bottom drawer. What kind of backwards stuff did I fall upon. I was really confused, but I figured moving things would end up confusing him so I left it for the time being.
Flash forward to him arriving him and getting off the bus. Well, even before that I stared out the window for at least 20 minutes. The bus was late arriving and picking up kids. I guess that comes with "first day" territory. I waved at him through the blinds when he looked up. He smirked a little, I could tell he appreciated me being annoying in that moment.  Every day since the first day of school he's looked up and expects to see me wave through the blinds and that makes it special.
When he arrived home, I had a snack prepared. My version of a Ham & Cheese Panini.  A Back to School Snack in Less Than 15 Minutes!

He's a growing boy and definitely eats a lot more than he used to. With busy schedules and active lifestyles, the most important thing for me is to provide him with filling snacks and meals. Plus if they are easy to prepare, thats even better for me.  That's the great thing about Price's Pimiento, its so versatile! It could be used for a snack, in a family meal, as a dip, spread or even a condiment.
Price's Pimiento is made with real cheese, pimiento peppers, and salad dressing. I used the original brand that offers both a sweet and tangy flavor to dishes. It's both convenient and delicious and Texas moms love it. Prepare in a sandwich, serve with crackers/celery sticks and the list goes on. With the after school snack I made, its easy to add some veggies and rice and make a full weekday meal out of it. Price's Pimiento also comes in three flavors: Original, Lite & Zesty Jalapeno.

If you want to check out tons of great recipes visit HERE. We've also included our quick recipe for Ham & Cheese Panini using Price's Original below.


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