4 Moving Day Essentials with Cottonelle

We’ve Moved!!!!

~ 4 Moving Day Essentials with Cottonelle ~

We are so excited about our recent move. Well, at least I am. My teen is over the heat in TX already. I must say that I definitely underestimated exactly how hot it would be here.  With the humidity and the heat combined – the house, central air and circulating fans have become our friends.

In preparation for the move, we tried to plan ahead to be sure that everything would go smoothly. Well, it doesn’t always happen the way we’d hoped so I wanted to share 4 Moving Day Essentials with you based on our experience.


I almost can’t even express this one enough. Actually I am going to repeat it one more time….Water!!  We moved on a VERY hot and humid day and we didn’t have individual bottled water and it was the biggest mistake. A mistake that could’ve ended pretty bad for us if we fell victim to heat exhaustion. Our moving guy had to cancel so that left myself, my dad and the kiddo doing all the heavy lifting. No pun intended, that stuff was heavy. We literally had to stop every 30 minutes or so due to the heat. This left us out in the heat unloading for over 4 hours. Not having bottled water was hard because cups were scarce when you’ve already packed them up. I’ve noted this for the next time. I hope you do too.

Oh and I can’t forget to mention how important it is to hydrate and drink water before the move not just during the move. It’ll definitely make you feel better.


If you don’t bring anything else with you on move day, you must have toiletries near. A toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, wash cloth and/or towel. These bare essentials will keep you in tip top shape while you try to find all of the items that you packed away in preparation for the move. It’s always good to label each box, but in the event that you still can’t find those boxes, having toiletries separate and readily available will be awesome. Trust me, after getting all sweaty you’ll wish you had a few items to freshen up with.


Writing the word “snacks” has me thinking about my niece who is turning three soon. She starts naming what she wants for snack time. I can just hear her little voice saying, “strawberries, apples and milk”.

Anyway… back to the moving day essentials. Snacks are a must! I’m not talking about any snack you feel like picking up either. Pack yourself snacks that are nutrient rich. Some nuts, fruit, 100% juice are just a few good options. You are going to need things that will replenish your body. In my case, I drove tons of miles for my cross state move, but even if you are moving locally, do yourself and favor and don’t forget the snacks.

Also, chances are you won’t cook the first night. If this is the case and you decide on fast food, having some pre-planned goodies will make up for anything missing. Walmart also has fresh groceries that you can order online and pick up for free all the while enjoying the same in-store savings. Click here to see if it’s available in your area!

Last but certainly not least….

Toilet Tissue!!!!

This is the one thing that you will immediately regret if you don’t buy in advance and have ready for moving day. Nothing worse than trying to come up with things to use instead. Eeeekk!! I’m pretty sure you can imagine how frustrating that would be.

Plus having tissue available will come in handy for more than one thing. Luckily for us we picked up Cottonelle Clean Care Mega Roll from Walmart. It’s like get 48 rolls in 12. One roll of Cottonelle Mega Roll = 4 Regular Rolls, which ultimately means that you save all around. Visit your local Walmart and grab Cottonelle Mega Rolls so you #neverrunout this summer! Plus save $1 now on your purchase starting 6/28.




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