How I Make Delicious Coffee at Home with Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate

How I Make Delicious Coffee at Home with Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate

Anyone that knows me understands that I love my coffee. I mean it’s my pièce de résistance, my liquid heaven, my morning hook up, my sweet thang on a rough day, and so on. Ok, so I may have gotten a little carried away there, but I do enjoy a good ole’ cup of joe.

I know many of you have been obsessed over the new cold brew craze. I have a co-worker that raves about it all the time with a huge grin on his face! If he isn’t motivation enough to try it, I don’t know what is. So I have dived in to see what all the rave is about using Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate.What I love even more than coffee is the ability to create my own delicious recipes with flavors that I love from home.

So the verdict came in and not only did I love it, but let me tell you what I’ve done to make this Cold Brew even more freaking fantastic. So I started with the Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate House Blend and added chocolate coconut milk. Ever since switching over to vegan, I love adding coconut milk to my coffee, but the chocolate flavor just does something spectacular. Then I added a little almond and coconut syrup flavors to make one of my favorite flavored coffees. Can you guess what it is from the ingredients?

It’s an Almond Cold Brew Iced Drink!! Plus it’s super cheap so I can make it more than once.  You can find Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate at Walmart in the coffee aisle (not in the refrigerated section).

At $5.90 for 32 fl. oz, one bottle will provide you with about 8 servings. Let me tell you what that means if you don’t already know. That means you’re getting way more for your money than you would at the coffee shop and you get to enjoy it while still in your pajamas or sitting on your comfy couch.

I hope you’ve enjoyed How I Make Delicious Coffee at Home with Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate from home. Just add the ingredients to your liking and start experimenting.

Almond Cold Brew Latte at home using chocolate coconut milk, almond and coconut syrup flavors.

Oh and I can’t forget to mention that Ibotta is currently offering a rebate offer to try Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate for yourself so go and print it off before you head to the store!


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