Make the memories last forever w/ Shutterfly’s New Make My Book Service

You’ve got something in the mail kiddo!

Just the week before, it was his passport that came in the mail so I’m sure my son was expecting something just as awesome. He opened it up and found a book with a picture of our family (me, him and the dog) on the front cover. He smiled and asked if it was a picture book.

I don’t know, why don’t you open it?

As he folded through each page we talked about the pictures, laughed about the dog’s crazy antics and even discussed how things have changed over the years. The memories were all still alive and well in each of the photos. It was such a nostalgic feeling and his face said everything, I could tell that his heart was smiling too.

This was now my favorite “picture book” as he described it and I will cherish the memories within.

Plus the book was so easy to put together. I was easily able to upload the photos to the website and was amazed at how seamless this process was. Like many of us, Facebook has become the holder of memories and because of this, the Facebook uploader allowed me to grab great images through the years with that quick upload feature. Throughout the process I was just able to drag and drop the images exactly where I wanted them into premade templates or some that I designed myself.

  1. The kiddo was shocked to see how many photos we had enjoying hot chocolate together.

2. We laughed at the silly faces we’ve made over the years.

I couldn’t have put together a better book of memories and I’m so glad that I did.

I don’t have very many pictures of myself from when I was a little girl. I’m sure they exist somewhere but this is a gift that he can have forever. He can look back on the wonderful days and experiences of his childhood and even if I’m not around, happy memories are the greatest showering of love that I could ever give him.

Shutterfly’s New Make My Book Service is pretty amazing!!

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