4 Reasons to Fall In Love with Ottlite

Good lighting is really hard to come by. As a blogger, I know that images are extremely important and I can say that some of the biggest obstacles that I’ve run into center around having a hard time capturing the perfect lighting. I would try so many techniques to no avail until I was introduced to the Ottlite created by Photobiologist Dr. John Nash Ott who researched how natural daylight affects all living things and put many great features into a product that I can now say that I love.

Some of the obstacles that I faced when finding the perfect lighting were:

Prevents Late Afternoon Photo Flops

You might as well forget about taking photos or trying to capture images after a certain time in the day. Which is usually when the sun is no longer shining through my office or living room. I would end up having to physically go outside or waste tons of time planning for the following day to be sure to capture the right sunlight. Then there was the yellow lighting.


Gets Rid of the Icky Yellow Light

There are certain rooms in my home that I already know its impossible for me to take good pictures just because of the lighting. My kitchen is one of them. I’ve taken photo after photo with none of them ever turning out the way I’d hope due to the icky yellow light. OttLite Technology brings the power of natural daylight indoors which means I no longer have to worry about the weird yellow lighting or taking photos after the sun has already started to go down.

ottlite-2Ottlite helps me curve both of those situations very easily. Another thing is tired eyes.


Helps Prevent Tired Eyes

Have you ever had tired eyes due to straining and looking at the computer screen for several hours during the day? Ottlite actually helps with this too. Ottlite is bright and directed, uses crisp light which allows you to see accurately and reduces eyestrain. Being able to see clearly and comfortably makes everything you love to do easier and more enjoyable.

Provides Better Video Lighting

I’ve talked about capturing images but I also enjoy making videos as a blogger and the same lighting issues exist. I don’t currently own a ring light or special lighting products but because I have the Ottlite, I feel comfortable turning the light on myself anytime I need to film. It provides nice and even lighting across my face and I can’t even explain how happy that makes me. I can still do the things I enjoy at any time of the day.


Plus my lamp is adjustable and has a clamp to attach to any surface and is extremely easy to use. So when I need to take the lighting show on the road I can.

Ready to enjoy natural daylight indoors for yourself?

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