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I ran into a woman today that looked extremely familiar. I’ve never been good with names but I’m always good with faces.  So I asked her several questions until we finally figured it out. Her mom ran a community center for youth that I attended. Making that one connection brought back so many great childhood memories.  Often times as mothers we look for moments where we can spend uninterrupted time with our children.  But really it’s about making memories. When I look back on my childhood those are what I recall the most and my son will do the same if I am taking the time to foster smile worthy moments with him. Here some ideas on how you can do the same.

1. Do something your kids want to do.

I love to watch Netflix, but really who doesn’t? My son are often watching our shows but on our own televisions and in separate rooms.  Then, when I ask him to watch a movie on Netflix, I’m either choosing something educational for us to discuss afterward or something that “I” think we both would enjoy. But then there are times when I give him the remote and let him choose whatever. We spend the afternoon watching shows like Steven Universe and laughing about how corny it is. The funny thing is how much I actually enjoy watching his favorite shows. He’ll remember those moments and even the conversations following that has everything to do with something that he takes an interest in.

2. Plan a trip with the kiddo in mind.

I attended the BlogHer conference earlier this year and I wanted my son to attend. Actually, If I had taken one more trip and he wasn’t with me there would’ve been hell to pay. Well, the BlogHer conference allowed us to get out of the city together, spend time in airports, grabbing drinks in Starbucks and enjoying sessions geared toward our own personal interest. We both left LA with new memories, fun swag items, and lots of new interests to explore. Not interested in taking a big trip? Think about some staycation options or close cities to get away to. While you are at it, pack some snacks like Goldfish in the car with you to make the trip that much more better while sharing new memories.

3. Play a game with them

Somehow a fews weeks ago, two long socks turned into a sock fight. It’s definitely not anything I normally do, but I had so much fun! The kiddo and I chased each other around the house trying to hit each other with these long socks. I still look back on that day and get tickled so I know he will too. Fun times don’t have to planned out. They can be spontaneous, not cost a lot of money but the memories will last forever. If he didn’t know before that day, I’m sure he walked away understanding how cool his mom is. I won the sock fight by the way.

4.  Go to the Drive-In.

Do you remember the last time you went to the Drive In? We went to the drive in for the first time last year and my son loved it. Sitting in the car with funnel cakes, slushlies, blankets and hot dogs, snacks and bug spray was the highlight of the day. He still remembers how much more fun it was than being in the movie theater.

In every single one of the activities above, we dare not dive in with having snacks on hand. One of our favorites to eat are Pepperidge Farm @GoldfishSmiles. While making memories with the kiddo, I can’t help but think about how many memories we’ve already made and will continue to make as the years roll by.


Are you making memories with your kiddo. If so, why don’t you share them. Visit the Goldfish page to get inspired and learn how to enter the Goldfish Tales promotion.

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