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Why Doesn’t Anyone Talk About How Amazing Teen/Tweens Are Today?


My Tween Is Amazing

If its one thing that all mother’s know and understand it’s that our tween/teens are simply amazing! I mean they really are outside of the slight mood swings and “tude they occassionally give us. lol. Couldn’t help but be a little snarky when talking about ’em. It’s quite interesting seeing youth around this age blossom and grow into themselves as people.  I always joke about how frustrating it can be raising a teen, but I’m hands down so proud of who my kiddo is becoming.

  I was in Price Chopper’s the other day when I saw the new Go Big yogurt from YoPlait. Go Big is a new, large yogurt pouch designed specifically with teens in mind. It has just the right amount of yogurt to satisfy a teen’s growing hunger, plus the right amount of sweetness from real fruit. In order to be amazing teens/tweens need fuel to keep them going and Yoplait Go Big is right there fueling teens to crush it, single-handedly in their everyday life.

Although its been a while since my kiddo has been on the field, he’s playing football this year. With practice, games, and school combined the need for snacks certain which is why I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Yoplait and my tween to talk about it.

But here’s the even more fun part…

Go Big already knows and believes tweens/teens are amazing. That’s why they are inviting you to write a letter to your tween/teen about what makes them amazing and how they inspire you.


I’m sharing my story below.

Hello Kiddo, Yoplait believes you are amazing! The good thing is that as your mother I never once doubted it from the moment I met you.

I knew the moment I saw you that you were going to be the best part of me. You’ve changed my life in more ways than you’ll know or understand. At the end of a long day, you are my happy place. You’re such a gentleman and a looker (might I add). You get it from your momma and I have no problem saying that because its nothing but the truth. Some days I look at you and I can’t believe that I’m your mother. I’ve been blessed in a way that only God himself could’ve. I also can’t believe I have a child that is almost my height, incredibly intelligent, considerate of others and a natural leader. Where did the time go?  I love your dry humor, how hard you try not to smile when someone makes you laugh and your love for gadgets. Just like the amazing Kid Go Big and I both know you are, you’ll also go on to accomplish amazing things in life. 
 Keep being the light that you wish to see. Strive to change the world one ripple at a time and be kind to others. Thank you for choosing me to be your mother.


 For a chance to win the spotlight for your teen, go to the Go Big Facebook page and share how your teen inspires you. Go Big will select three teens with amazing stories and give them a platform to show the world! For more information, full contest rules can be found on the Go Big Facebook Page.”

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