5 Reasons Why Traveling Makes People Happy

Why Travel Makes People Happy

Have you ever wondered Why Traveling Makes People Happy? I have too! People that travel are often the more relaxed, satisfied and able to adjust I realized that when I asked this questions that there were multiple things at play. There isn’t just one reason why traveling makes people happy. There are several. So let’s dive into 5 Reasons Why Traveling Makes People Happy.

It Gives You Something To Look Forward To

Did you know that planning and talking about an upcoming trip is just as important as the trip itself? While talking about it, you are building excitement around it, getting ideas, tips from travelers and discovering how many people would either love to go or have been to wonderful places they love to talk about as well. Building anticipation around the upcoming travel is a lot of fun. Which brings me to the next reason..

It’s Great for Conversation

If you sometimes struggle to find topics to talk about I guarantee asking someone about a recent trip or upcoming travel will keep you both with things to talk about for quite some time. Discussing travel is sometimes the best ice breaker for awkward moments in conversation.  Not only does it put people in a good mood to talk about their travel, but it gives you a great way to connect. It’s also an opportunity to share packing tips, food recommendations, natural wonders (i.e. the best beach spot, or hiking spot), etc. So looking for a reason to keep the conversation going? Bring up travel.

It’s a New Adventure

Curiosity has a way of making anyone excited. I can tell you from personal experience that curiosity will get you into trouble, but it will also give you some of the greatest experiences of your life. The curiosity of what a new adventure or experience might bring is enough to light up your mind. Plus a new adventure offers opportunity to learn new things about the city, about the island, the people that live there, and even yourself. People learn so much about what they are capable of, what they enjoy, and so much more through each new adventure. I would also add that curiosity give you the opportunity to choose something new instead of fear.

You Have Something To Look Forward To

Even if you are only driving a few hours to the lake, having something to look forward to has a way of putting people in a better mood. Just think about it! If you are on your way to an island or a new city in a few weeks, the weeks leading up to that will be just fine. Things that normally bother you won’t bother you as much because you know that a new adventure is just around the corner. Plus every travel experience is part of staying balanced and having self care. Knowing that a time to relax, kick back, and enjoy isn’t far away is a great mood balancer.

The Benefits Outweigh the Cost

When you think about the benefits that you’ll receive sometimes the cost becomes unimportant. Yes, its money that you could’ve used for something else seemingly more important however, there are greater benefits. People save up money just for a new opportunity to see something they’ve never seen before, do something they’ve never done and my favorite…to eat new foods. Plus your mind opens up in a way that allows you to grow in new ways, appreciate the little things and find inspiration in living life a new way. Expect not to go back the same way you arrived.

  • It’s time for you to plan your next trip. I want you to have balance in your life and if you work hard, you deserve the play even harder. Take a few days and stay at a bed and breakfast.
  • Take a staycation in the nearest bordering city.
  • Finally make those travel plans to Europe, Jamaica or Rio that you’ve been putting off.
  • Take the family on a cruise.

One thing I understand about life is that you only get one, enjoy your time with loved ones, make a difference in someone’s life and travel.

Bold. Balanced. Authentic.

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