Bag Lady, You gone hurt your back.

Dragging all them bags like that!

(Lyric Courtesy of Erykah Badu "Bag Lady")

I used to pack like I was going away for weeks when it was only 2-3 days. Most of what I packed was my "just in case" stuff. You know how that goes...just in case I didn't like the way that black dress looked on me or just in case those flats didn't look as good with my skinny jeans.  lol. It's purely comical. But guess what? I quickly realized that I wasn't alone in my bad packing habits. But, I didn't want to keep carrying around everything and not using half of it.

It really didn't take all of that and I needed to prove to myself that this was indeed true. So when I was preparing to travel to Hawaii, I challenged myself to pack everything that I needed in a carryon bag. I would be gone for 7 days but didn't want to pack more than one bag.
Number one,  it's expensive to fly with extra bags. Number two, it's so much easier to get off the plane and not have to wait for baggage claim. And finally, I wouldn't have to worry about lost luggage if I kept it with me.

There's nothing worst than being in a new place with no clothes, underwear, toothbrush, know where I'm heading. Why risk it?

I wanted to simplify my packing so I did just that and I couldn't be happier about challenging myself and accomplishing what I set out to do. It worked for Hawaii, so I decided to try it again for my trip to Dominican Republic.

I made a quick video for those who are interested in some packing tips.

Check it out and Happy Packing!

You've got this!!

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