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I’m heading to the Dominican Republic

People really underestimate the Law Of Attraction and if you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m going to give you a brief description. Law of Attraction is about positive belief vs negative belief and those things transpiring in your life due to your belief or lack of. So basically when you believe in something you will put your energy and thoughts towards it thus, making it happen. The first time I heard of LOA (law of attraction) was when a speaker was saying that if I want to be a best selling author that I needed to see it in my mind. If I wanted to make a certain amount of money that I needed to attract it through positive thinking…and work of course.

This year I said I wanted to travel and in the first few months of this year I’ve traveled to beautiful Seattle, Washington and took in the absolute beauty of the mountains and ocean. We went to a conference for work and I had the opportunity to enjoy the food, market, time with my sister and even all of the Starbucks’ that were within walking distance. Then I traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota using a flight credit that was about to expire. The University of Minnesota Campus was beautiful and just blended in with the city. I walked for hours and had some great “me” time on a quiet campus bench. Both trips were to places I had never been and the new experiences are still etched into my memory. To put the cherry on top of my “travel sundae”,  in a few short weeks I’ll be traveling to Dominican Republic thanks to a blogger friend’s invitation. She rocks!


Not only are we going to the Dominican but were going to participate in a Social Impact cruise through Fathom Cruise Lines. I’m preparing myself for a one of a kind experience that I will never forget.  I’m ready to take it all in enjoy the beauty of the island and help make a difference at the same time.  I don’t know what creative marketing geniuses they have on their team, but I couldn’t imagine a better way to vacation. Not just with family but with friends as well. Just think about it… you book a 7 day trip to an island and by day 3, you’ve enjoyed most of what you set out to enjoy. Why not spend the rest of the time working to make a difference and be apart of the local work that makes it possible for you and I to vacation at great places such as these. People forget that aside from the exotic views and lovely experiences, many of our vacation spots are home to people that work very hard.

Here are a few of the places I’ve been so far.

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I’m not rich by any means, but I set out this year to travel and I put it out there. Now, it’s happening and I’m hoping to have more red on this little map. I can’t wait to share some of the photos of all the fun adventures in DR as well as my personal reflection on our time in Dominican Republic. Stay Tuned…

What travel are you planning on doing this year? Have you put it out there?


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