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Opening Night at UniverSoul Circus in KC

Tonight was opening night at UniverSoul Circus in Kansas City and it’s not to late to get your tickets to attend the next few shows while the group is here in Kansas City.

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I’m fresh in the door from UniverSoul Circus and it was everything I expected and more. I had a BLAST!! First thing we did was take advantage of the goodies available and ordered us some popcorn, nachos and of course a few funnel cakes.

IMG_8893 IMG_8920


IMG_8889From the very beginning we were captivated by the clown that knew how to bust a move, to the jaw dropping acrobatics and stunts.

First, they opened the show like no other circus in town.

Second, I had to refrain from getting out of my seat and dancing with basically every song that came on.

Third, they had the ABSOLUTE BEST audience interaction I’ve ever seen or experienced.

I mean they truly made it fun for the whole family. I mean literally not one generation wasn’t engaged in the music and fun stuff happening. I actually sang the Little Einstein theme song and Spongebob and it wasn’t awkward at all. Then the ole’ school music that was playing took me to another time…a time I wasn’t born in but you can’t tell me that. On top of that I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Look even the babies were enjoying themselves.


The performers looked like they were having a blast!! There were representatives from all of the world. Trinidad and tobago, Ethiopia, and Shanghai, China just to name a few.

Plus I saw something amazing! ZEBRAS!!! From the moment the zebras entered the stage i was mesmerized. It was my first time ever seeing one in real life. But, that’s enough of a sneak peak. You’ll have to get there to find out the rest.

On the way home I asked the kids what their favorite part of the show and it was hard for them to choose just one thing. Get out and go buy your tickets at UniverSoulCircus.com. Even if you’ve been before, go again. The experience, entertainment, interaction, music and  laughter is worth every penny.


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