Yesterday Was My Brother’s Birthday

my brothers birthday

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. Some years I post and some I don’t.
I miss him.
I still remember my aunt coming to my house to tell me the news. I thought it was a joke.
It still hurts.
But…I have some of the best memories to hold on to.

my brothers birthday

My son and I were heading home from the grocery store last week. This time we grabbed some ice cream to eat along the way home. 

The flavor? Cookies and Cream.

My son asked me when I first started to like cookies and cream ice cream and my mind flashed back to my brother. I told my son about how just about everything I came to love as a little kid had something to do with my brother. He was only 1 1/2 older than me and the most daring in all aspects of life. Even when it came to new food. I wasn’t as daring, but if he liked it, so did I. 

I liked Dr. Pepper because he did

I switched to Mr. Pibb because he did

I loved Strawberry Milk because he did. Chocolate Milk became a drink of the past.

Cookies and Cream became my favorite ice cream because…he liked it. I tried it and was hooked.

I wanted a Big Mac because he ate them, and when he graduated to a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, so did I.

I’m thankful for the memories I have to hold on to. Although my son was just a baby when we lost my brother. He still gets a piece of him in the little things that have made me.

I love you Jay!

Gone too soon. R.I.P.


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