After the DevaCut: My “At Home” Care Technique

I got a Devacut this week and there was a lot of anticipation and maybe even slight anxiety around my first wash n go after the cut. It was the first time I was going to apply some of the things that I learned so that I could achieve great curls at home.

I first washed my hair with DevaCurl No Poo. This shampoo has no suds and is specifically for the purpose of cleansing your scalp and hair, but mainly your scalp. I shampooed my scalp twice using this product before I moved on to detangling and styling.

After rinsing the No Poo out of my hair, I took 3 clips and separated my hair into 3 sections to begin the detangling process. The back section has the most coily texture so starting with this section was ideal. I first finger combed the section, applied DevaCurl One conditioner and let it set for a few seconds and used my Denman brush to comb through this section. I then took my gimMee oil – which is the second step in the  L.O.C. (Leave in, Oil, Cream) method. I applied “Shine” to lock in the moisture from the water and conditioner. Shine is just one of many hair oils in the gimMee products. It’s designed to bring shine back into your hair. The oil is a blend of natural oils that restores health to your hair. Plus, its very light and smells great! Find out more about it here. 

gimme shine


After I applied the oil, I applied FrizzFreeCurls Blueberry Bliss Jelly to the section with my fingers before moving on to the next pre- clipped section.

I repeated the same technique through each section and allowed my hair to air dry for a short period of time.

One thing I learned from my Deva Stylist was to make sure that I did as little to manipulate the hair while it was drying to keep the integrity of the curls. Letting them dry in their natural curl pattern was most important.

Not really excited about not having the opportunity to manipulate your curls? Don’t be bothered.  After the hair is dry is when the real magic happens. This is when you fluff, pick, toss and shake your hair. 

What are you favorite Wash & Go products? 

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