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A Funny Thing Happened on my Way Back to Kansas City: Airplane Etiquette

I wonder if there is a such thing as airplane etiquette. Actually I’m almost positive there is but I never bothered to read up on it so I’m pretty sure I broke a few rules on my most recent trip back to Kansas City. I was positioned in the middle seat between this young guy and another woman.  I pulled out my book with every intention on reading it but my mind was exhausted. Comprehension would’ve been mediocre at best. I just didn’t feel like reading. It wasn’t long after the flight staff announced that electronics were okay to use that the guy next to me pulled out his laptop and started to select a movie.
Spying over at his laptop with a good side-eye, I watched him press play on the movie, Daddy’s Home starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg .
Hmm…Much more interesting that what I was doing.
At that moment, I wondered if it would be awkward for me to watch too, but heck I didn’t’ care I was bored. He put in his head phones and pressed play.
“Dang it, I can’t hear anything”.
At that point, I was already invested into watching this movie so I was going to make due with my current situation.
The really cool thing that I discovered was that good acting didn’t need to be heard. You can get the gist of the movie through facial expression. By the way, I think I’m pretty skilled at this.
I wonder if it was awkward for him when we both started cracking up at a funny part. I mean, I would go a little further to wonder if it was even more awkward for him the first time or the second time when I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I’m such a dork! lol. I didn’t care though.
We had a really good awkward connection happening there. As my eyes started to drift from the screen unto the side of his face. Before you start to judge…It’s not creepy folks, he was by the window. I could just pretend to look out if I got caught. I thought, “He’s kind of cute” I am single so there’s nothing wrong with looking.
At this point, I’m so tickled that I’m laughing at myself. Seriously, the conversations that I have with myself can be pretty hilarious plus the shenanigans I was pulling on this trip were laughable.
At the end of the flight I thanked him for letting me watch the movie with him (over his shoulders). I made sure to mention that the sound quality kind of sucked. He laughed!
Note to self: You never read the books that you bring on the flight with you. Just bring a movie next time.
Do I have horrible airplane ettiequte or am I just an oddly friendly person?

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