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I Got My First Grey Hair

So….I got my first GREY hair! 

I’m guessing it’s been there a while, but it’s perfectly placed right by my ear so it’s hidden when my hair is down.  My reaction wasn’t what most people would think. Of course I was shocked! I got hit with the reality in that moment that,  I must really be getting old! but after that subsided I felt such a peace and even excitement behind this new found ringlet! Why?

I’ve been admiring grey hair for years. Stating how much I could not wait until my hair turned grey. Complimenting or admiring from afar every woman rocking their grey tendrils.

In my mind, it felt as if I was being inducted into a league of extraordinary women.

Yes, it did mean that I was getting old and that things wouldn’t be the same, but I’m convinced that I like things better that way. Here I was growing into wisdom, knowledge and grace with each passing day.

my first grey hair

Every since I was in High School, I thought grey hair was beautiful, almost divine.

I’m not talking about the new hair fad that has swept the fashion and entertainment industry. Although, it should mean something that the industry wants to try to facade and make popular something that has historically been seen as anything but. There has been such a stigma behind greying, that it has kept companies that manufacture hair dye thriving. Many women could’t wait to get their next touch up because it (greying) wasn’t looked at as “beautiful” or “youthful”. BUT, I beg to differ. 

Just look at how beautiful these women are.grey hair

It’s hard to duplicate beauty like this.  EAT YOUR HEART OUT dye kits.

These women are definitely on my hair crush list!

They adorn their grey hair & do so in such a Queen-like way.

I can’t wait to look as great as these women one day. Not only embracing the natural coils and kinks that God gave me but embracing even the beauty of my natural grey hair as it begins to peak through the scene.

I understand its not for everybody but I’m on a mission to live life and to live authentically. There are so many boxes for us as women to fit in, but not in this season of life. Not anymore.

 I like it that way!



embracing the beauty of y.o.u.

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