I haven't written anything on the blog in a few weeks and I thought this would be an appropriate post. I know I've said it before but I do appreciate you taking the time to read, to "like" to "comment", etc. Your support is greatly and always appreciated. Stay tuned! So many great experiences and topics that are a must to write about.

So as we get back in the groove of things here are 10 Things About Me:

1. I'm an introvert, but I have extroverted tendencies. I think most introverts do. I love being alone. I enjoy going to the movies by myself and my favorite time is usually when I have all of my favorite guilty pleasures in one room (Netflix, Chipotle with Guacamole, Starbucks Choc Chip Cookie and Starbucks Frappuccino) and I'm by myself enjoying it.  I mean, you are talking about a happy girl with the food and me time, and a movie on Netflix is just the icing on the cake. I can't even tell you how excited I get!! I'm excited just typing this. As an introvert, I'm finding that many of my close friends are extroverted in some way. Maybe that's the combination for great friendship. We balance each other out.

2. I love food! I mean I really enjoy it. As if you couldn't tell by the previous information that I provided about myself. Food is a universal love language. Yes, food is a great way to say, "I Love You". It makes me hum, rock back and forth and do happy dances. I often talk to myself, roll my eyes back and smile when eating something good.

3. I'm soooo random!!! It's because my mind moves a million miles an hour. So if you're ever in a conversation with me, we just may have about 4 conversations in one depending on how long we're talking. My favorite people in life are the people who can follow my randomness and know exactly which conversation we're on without a segue or extra explanation. I love that the people who love me appreciate my randomness and think it's hilarious. It makes me feel so much better even though it could slightly be a case of adult ADD.

**Even my writing is random. I bounce all over the place and then I pull it together at the end.The Person Behind the Blog: 10 Things About Me

4. I hold several hats when it comes to work.  A few titles that I hold are Community Health Advocate, Adjunct Professor, Community Health Liaison, Substitute Teacher (as needed) and I currently work fulltime as a Community Organizer.  Did I mention that I blog as well? I'm not sure if I did, but I do. Each of these roles combine my love for my community, wanting to see the health index move, wanting to see women thriving in life and my passion for the work of justice and equity. I always wanted a career in healthcare in fact I went to school initially with a pre-dentistry track in mind, then it went to nursing, to Human Resource, back to nursing and I just ended up getting my Master's in Health Service Mgmt./Leadership.  I enjoy doing what I can to make sure that everyone has access to quality healthcare. My passion for health came from my mom. She's always been a caretaker and has always been an advocate for others.

5. I believe that everyone has a voice. It used to frustrate me how I would let fear just override the validity and value of the voice that I had. Only if I felt comfortable in my surroundings would I be the one willing to speak and you could just forget about speaking in front of a large group. This battle with myself took place over the course of a few years. I'm proud to say that I'm conquering this battle on a daily basis. When given the opportunity to speak in front of others, I no longer shy away from it. I'm thankful that I got to the point where I refused to let things stay the same. Sometimes people just need to be challenged.

6. There are many times in life where I'm trying to wrap my head around how old I am. What does it mean to be 30? Are there certain expectations? Either way it goes, I'm still young at heart and would love to be young at heart as long as I can. I know people say all of the time that its not how old you look its how old you feel. Well, I do actually feel old at times physically but that's only because I'm out of shape. Mmm...where am I going with this? Ah yes... I don't want to grow up.

7. I love working on being the best me possible. I spend time I evaluating myself.  I evaluate my wrongs, my rights and I evaluate ways in which I could've done better regardless of another person's actions . My goal is to be the best me possible and that means that I need to have real moments with myself. Do I bash myself? Nope! I just know that If you can't be real with yourself you can't expect anyone else to be real with you. Plus pride gets you no where but face down in the mud.

8.  I enjoy a house full of family and I enjoy spending time with my 11 year old. Yes, I'm old enough to have a pre-teen. Don't remind me. lol. No, seriously. Family is important and such a precious gift so cherish your family.  The health of the family unit is important because when the family isn't healthy it trickles into our communities and so forth. Children need a stable home (even if its a nontraditional one).

9. I believe in love, romanticism, and all that mushy stuff. #thatisall

10. This is last but certainly not least. I am a C.H.R.I.S.T.I.A.N. each day I strive for my life and actions to align with that of Christ. I believe in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH of HIS word. My belief is a big part of my drive and goals for my life and family. I realize that I'm nothing without him and even the place that I am in now, its purely because of grace.

That was fun wasn't it?! lol. Thanks for reading! Can you relate or think differently? Leave a comment.



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