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Summer Reading Adventure with Kiddo

Our Summer Adventures are off to a great start.

Yesterday, our summer reading adventure landed us at the local library.

I told my son to pick out a book, any book,  that he wanted to read this summer. Whatever book he chose, I was going to choose the same one. Our goal is to read a book together this summer and discuss the book each day. He chose “The Dumbest Idea Ever!” by Jimmy Gownley. Wait! Now,  I’m really starting to wonder if he was sending me a message. I hadn’t thought about that title earlier.

Anyway, I have to admit, I was hoping he would pic something different but this is a great opportunity for me to get into his world. Learn more about what he likes and spend some quality time with him.

For example, I learned something that I hadn’t known before. I thought I knew the type of books that my son liked to read but I learned that his favorite genre of books are “graphic novels” now. Graphic novels are novels that are set up to read like comic books.

I’m now being introduced to something new. This should be fun!


I can tell that my son is really excited about the fact that I’m taking the time to read a novel with him. He started yesterday by reading out loud to me. Even our pup popped a squat.  We decided to read 30 pages each day, which isn’t much considering the type of novel this is… The pages are filled with pictures for goodness sake. :-).

Parents, just an FYI – this can be such a great way to encourage their love for reading.


I’m already enjoying this quality time.  My kiddo’s laughter brings a smile to my face and although the book is entitled, The Dumbest Idea Ever, I know this is one of the best ideas that we’ll remember for years to come.

IMG_14642 The local library has tons of activities lined up for young readers. Take advantage of something that will keep their mind alert during the summer.

I’ll let you in on more Summer Adventures soon. Until then you can find me making memories and stealing precious moments.

Read with your kiddos.

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