Time flies when you're having fun. It's hard to believe that we are already 6 months into 2015 which means in 6 more months, we will be preparing for a new year. I started off this year with great expectation and quickly encountered what appeared to be disappointments and setbacks. At the time, I didn't consider that it would provide me with renewed inspiration and purpose. I can't even begin to tell you how much what was presumably heartbreaking turned for my good. Everyday I feel like I'm ready to take on the world and that in itself is a beautiful thing.

I made my vision board earlier this year and took the time to set some goals that I desired to accomplish.  However,  since the beginning of this year I've watched my vision be challenged. Not only has it been challenged,  but the necessity of expansion is evident. How many of you can relate to your vision being challenged in a good way? The only thing worst to do in that time is stick to business as usual and not adjust the plan. Change can be such a great thing!

We often begin the year setting goals for ourselves but as time goes on and we gain additional knowledge, revisiting becomes necessary. Not expanding is setting yourself up for failure. We all have seen it happen. Case in point; Blockbuster will forever be the company that waited too long to adapt to a changing market. Don't be afraid to jump out there and pursue a new idea. No, you don't have to chase every fly by night idea, but don't be afraid to pursue something that may present you with an increase in unexplainable joy and even an increase in income.

Hello June! 6 month goal revision #goals

If I can give any of you advice for making the best of the next 6 month, here it is...

  • Inspire someone to be great
  • Find reasons to smile EVERYDAY and often
  • Celebrate the success of others
  • Push someone to take a leap of faith
  • Organize your day in order organize your life
  • Make every minute count with proper Time Management
  • Stay Away from negative attitudes that will put a damper on your ambition
  • Educate yourself! Never stop learning or you will quickly get behind
  • Love yourself and take proper time for self-care.
  • Work hard so that you can one day you can hardly work and get paid to do it!

Until next time,

Sending my love,


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