I’d owned my home for 5 years and had yet to have a house warming or even invite over people just for the purpose of socializing…why you may ask? I didn’t feel like my house looked the way I wanted it. I tend to be pretty meticulous at times, wanting my home not only to look like one but to feel like one as well. My new kitchen and living room makeover accomplished just that. Not only are the colors warm and inviting but the décor and furniture arrangement the perfect use of the space.

After about 5 years of wandering in the wilderness or 5 years without any real theme or look to my living room and kitchen, I finally decided to do something about it. I’m not rich by any means so I wanted something that would look really nice and fit into my budget. I set a budget of $500 and went from there. My aunt is truly AMAZING at wedding planning/interior decorating so I solicited her help in this project. She took the reins and I just followed along as she helped me pick out some amazing pieces that I still love to look at.

Our goal was to find as many bargains as possible

First stop of the day was Kirkland’s. With this being my first trip to the furniture gallery, I was completely caught off guard by the unique pieces, well-made items and don’t even get me started on the bargains. My favorite piece till this day is the lovely painting that hangs over my living room sofa. Initially when my aunt presented it to me I thought it was gorgeous, but surely she didn’t want it for my living room. I was going with blues, browns and cream and some of the colors in the painting just didn’t seem to be a good fit for what I had envision. However, something about it made me love it.

…and when we saw that it was marked down

...plus and additional 75% off

…AND my aunts business discount

I had a praise break when I realized that this GORGEOUS painting rung up to around $34. It is the perfect pop of color, fills the wall space nicely and sets the tone for the rest of the room and transition into the dinning/kitchen area.

Plus it worked out REALLY well for my budget. ;)

The next stop was Hobby Lobby. We spent a lot of time at each store perusing the clearance section. Of course not everything can be purchased at discount but we had enough bargains that we could splurge a little and pay full price on some things we felt were necessary.

If you are ever in the mood or in the market for some new home décor, do yourself a favor and stop by the clearance section first. Some items may have small dings, or a little dent but once you think about the bargain you are getting along with normal wear and tear on any item, you don’t care about the little dings and dents.

Our third stop was Nebraska Furniture Mart. The only items I spent the most money for during my makeover was the new chairs and barstools that I purchased from here. These were still VERY reasonably priced and buying anything less could not have pulled off the new look off with a bang. The stools and chairs that I currently owned only made the look fizzle, if that.

The final stop of the day was Big Lots. We needed a few final pieces along with hanging supplies for all of our wall décor.

Check out our makeover pictures below:

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  • Sales are our friends
  • Dings and Dents can mean the difference between dollars and cents
  • Set a budget and stick to it. Identify the things you are willing to go over a little bit for.

What I learned from this experience is that a few pieces can really make a huge difference in the way you feel about a space. Home décor, much like fashion, poetry, etc. is truly an art and it takes a creative mind to bring it all together.

After my remodel, I donated many items that were not used to The Salvation Army, including the chairs (good riddance).


Thanks to my aunt and the three stores below for making this happen! Click on the link to find one of these stores near you to start your Kitchen and Living Area Makeover.

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  1. We are in the same place! I’ve been in my home for just over 5 years, and it looks like I just moved in. I’m focusing on redecorating EVERYTHING this spring and summer. I just need something new to look at, and maybe I’ll enjoy my home more. Your post was the extra motivation I needed! Thanks! #BLMgirls

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