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I would be ashamed if anyone decided to open up just about any drawer in my home. Why? Well, everyone is entitled to have one or two junk drawers but I’m not exaggerating when I say just about EVERY drawer in my home is a junk drawer. It may have clothes in it but you better believe that somewhere in that drawer lies something that doesn’t belong.

The song “one of these things doesn’t look like the other”? Yes, that song definitely applies. No matter how many times that I have tried to downsize, and get rid of stuff, it just seems as if more stuff comes up. My things seem to take on the trait of living organisms and decide to grow. Where does all this stuff come from? I literally could watch tons of stuff be hauled away by the Salvation Army pick up crew only to find myself weeks later wondering why I STILL have so much stuff. It wasn’t like I went out and purchased more items it just seemed like no matter what I got rid of on my best “chuck it” day, it wasn’t enough. I was finally tired of it all and wanted to get rid of everything that I possibly could. Motivated by plans to relocate to another state, I have decided to get busy one more time but this would be the final time *cue the dramatic theatrical music*. I would plan to get rid of anything that I did not want to take with me to a new state.

Although I believe highly that it feels wonderful to give and donate, this year I wanted to see how much I could get by attempting to sell things. Moving is expensive and I needed to save all the coins that I possibly could to assist in that. In previous years the time and effort it took to sell something made me keep those things much longer than I should have if I had just donated them…meaning most of those items are still at my house. Can anyone relate (cringe)? However, this year is going to be different because I plan on making consignment sales my best friend. I’m going to finally get rid of the baby clothes from my first born that is turning 11 this year.

Yes, I’ve kept his baby clothes for over 10 years with hopes that I would one day marry again and have more kids. Well (as the jeopardy music plays), I think it’s time for that ship to sail. If God ever blesses me to get married and have more children they would just get new clothes. That’s a simple solution, right? I think sometimes we just have to work things out in our mind even though there is the packrat in us saying, “If you are buying new clothes that’s more money out of your pocket. Plus, look at all that stuff it holds memories and is super cute. You aren’t going to find anything that cute”. Darn you packrat nemesis! I’m going to put an end to you.
packrat to minimalist
The Plan:

I feel like anytime you set a plan in order to declutter or organize you are pretty much signing up to not be able to invite people over for a few weeks.

I’ve tried organizing it all but who agrees with me when I say you can only organize junk for so long and it begins to look like what it truly is. In fact, pairing the two together in a sentence is almost an oxymoron. Organized clutter? Nope, it doesn’t work too well.

Prep:: Decide how you are going to organize everything ie. Bags, plastic containers? Make a list and go purchase these items. The idea is to spend as little as possible because your goal is not to keep majority of the stuff you are fooling around with. Do you have a paper shredder or know a company that will safely discard your personal mail and private documents?

Step 1: Go through all junk drawers

Step 2: Gather items that would be great to sell

Step 3: Gather donation items

Step 4: Find a trusted person to come over and HELP you throw some things away not keep them

Step 5: Try not to get distracted. I think I should probably move Step 5 up to Step 1 because this tends to be a huge one for me. The last time I went through my things I ended up with my cheerleading skirt from high school over my pants (I could still fit it which obviously meant I should keep it and I did), a scarf on my head and one tennis shoe on. For some reason I chose that time to play dress up…ah well…you have to admit even the best fall to the temptation, so do your best to minimize distractions.

Step 6: Schedule a donation pickup and decide how or what method you will use to sell your things (craigslist, ebay, consignment??)

Click on this link to read the Packrat to Minimalist Interview  The Interview which details my motivation to leave my packrat ways behind and look out for videos as I dive into the mind of a packrat.

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