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This Week’s Spotlight on Health is on a Product called GoGargle!

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How many of you remember your mother or grandmother telling you to gargle with salt water? It seemed to be a cure all. Gargling with warm salt water has been touted by Grandmas and health experts for generations because it is a time-tested remedy that works. Well, GoGargle is based on this time tested remedy of salt water gargling but it’s a new and tastier way to soothe your sore throat. The tablets make soothing your throat convenient and tasty.

I started off with a runny nose and a tickle in my throat but by the 3rd day, I wished I had something, anything to put out the fire in my throat. That day I started using GoGargle! Check out how it worked for me…

  • Day 1: I had a little tickle in my throat today. I woke up and went on about my day. It wasn’t that bad so I wasn’t concerned and didn’t draw any attention to it.
  • Day 2: The tickle in my throat was a little stronger today. I didn’t have any chlorasceptic spray on hand so this was the second day that went by with me not doing anything to treat it.
  • Day 3: My throat was starting to hurt by now. I fell asleep that night and it felt as if my throat was on fire. I woke up and knew I had to do something.
  • I tried to think of what I could use but then I remembered receiving GoGargle! about a month earlier. I took about a cup of warm water, placed a tablet inside and started gargling with it. I could feel some immediate relief as my throat felt soothed.
  • Day 4: On this day, I could tell the difference that gargling with GoGargle! was making.
  • Day 5: By this day, my throat felt so much better. I hadn’t used GoGargle! but three days total and that was after my throat had gotten worse. I can say that I am happy with the results.

Unlike colored sprays and drops made with scary sounding chemical ingredients that hide the pain for a while, GoGargle! is made up of salts to treat the sore throat and soothing ingredients like honey and aloe to moisturize. The special blend of salts reduce painful inflammation and bacteria in the back of your throat by drawing fluid out of swollen tissue, while the aloe, chamomile, honey and zinc soothe and moisturize it. This combination of ingredients both reduces inflammation but also soothes and moisturizes making GoGargle! a more natural way to treat a sore throat.

Being someone that enjoys natural ways of healing our body, this is a winner!

Next time you have a sore throat, do yourself a favor and GoGargle!

Want to try GoGargle! for yourself? Here’s a coupon:

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