#offtherecord Convos with my son

#offtherecord – Raising a gentleman


I backed out of my garage as I normally do and BAM, I run right smack into my cousin’s car. She had left her car in my driveway while running an errand with her father.

“Cool, no problem” is what I said and less than 30 minutes later (rushing and scatter brained), I found myself being in a predicament I didn’t want to be in.

My son and I got out of the car to inspect the damage. Although, I didn’t show my disappointment on my face my son knew that I was upset.

He took my hand and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you with it”. Oh my gosh, he’s such a sweet heart. I felt my eyes well up with tears.

At 10 years old, my son has no job nor any source of income but the intention behind his words meant more to me than anything. I got in the car and started making phone calls and my son, now sitting in the back seat, scooted up close enough to rub my shoulder and tell me that it was going to be okay.

In that moment, I knew that I was raising a gentleman.

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