Album: Long Story Short

Artist: Sada K.

Genre: Urban & Contemporary

I seriously can not stop listening to this album by Sada K. When it’s not playing, I find myself humming to the tune of my favorite songs. It’s clean, upbeat and lots of fun.

Sada K. a native of Kansas City, MO and Los Angelos, CA transplant puts her heart into an album that will be sure wisp you away into a place of being motivated and empowered. Long story short…the album is simply amazing. Any song could easily be an anthem song for this year. Some of my favorites are Live Love Laugh, It’s All about Love with Jonathan Thulin and Strength, but I’d be remised by only mentioning a few because each song on this album is equally amazing. I read the following on and it is so accurate. “Sada K is an artist that brings music & spirit to those who have lost hope & joy, to those who have been broken hearted and to those who can appreciate a positive message wrapped in God’s love. She is able to send out these messages not just in music, but also in the giving of herself with love & kindness. Her music exhibits a depth of emotion, power, hope and love. Your heart and spirit is soothed by the sultry sound of her voice bringing life to the dry places of those who need to find that safe place, the place where everything between peace and love resides.”

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Through resilience, fortitude and strength and a never ceasing fire to touch hearts she brings purpose through her music. Not only does she prove that hard work pays off but she is also proof that dreams really do come true. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing to be successful. Know what’s important to you and your vision in life.

Actions always speak louder than words and I know from firsthand experience that her heart for others is not just lip service but a passion that she strives to perform in consistently.

If you’re looking for some great inspirational music to listen to on your morning commute to work or just interested in get your day off to the right start, this is it. With many of the songs being written by the songstress herself. It’s not difficult to recognize what has her heart as an artist.

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