Convos with my son

“I’m not trying to be mean but…”

My son has a habit of preceding a statement that may have somewhat of a shock value with the words, “I’m not trying to be mean but…” As a mother I know what usually follows so I hold my breath a little a brace myself for damage recovery.

Thankfully today we were in the confines of our home so damage recovery wasn’t necessary.

I’m not trying to be mean but…I think there’s something wrong with grandma.

She asks me everyday for the Netflix password. Its like she has a bunch of clones and one day, one clone comes up to me and then the next day another one of her clones comes up to me.

I started laughing because I knew he was talking about her memory. Then he starts cracking up laughing too and follows it up with, “I’m just laughing because you’re laughing”.

I couldn’t help but laugh a little harder. His dry humor is so awesome.

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