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Are you curious about Brownie Brittle?

Are you curious about Brownie Brittle? Well…curiosity always has a way of winning.

I actually just learned about Brownie Brittle earlier today. I was scrolling through instagram and saw someone reference it as now being sold at Costco. Although, I had never heard of it, I thought it must be pretty decent for a wholesale club to begin carrying it.

My son and I are brownie fans. There is hardly a time when you can’t find a box of brownie mix in our cabinet so I immediately wanted to know more. I clicked on their instagram page and saw that many people were enjoying this new brownie thingy. What exactly is brownie brittle? Since, I could not answer that question with certainty, I needed to find out. Later that day while scrolling through my instagram timeline (yes, of course I started following @browniebrittle), I saw that they were on sale at CVS for 2/$5. Great! I was planning a trip to CVS later that night to use a bunch of coupons that were expiring. Perfect opportunity to try something new.


When I first got home, I took everything out of the bags to look over my purchased items. I don’t know about anyone else that enjoys couponing, but I definitely had a proud moment going over my receipts and seeing all the stuff that I was able to snag for really cheap. Finally, I took out the two bags of Brownie Brittle that I had just purchased and popped one of them open. I couldn’t wait to see what all the hype was about.

This 4oz bag has a total of 4 servings with each serving being 120 calories. I just finished one whole bag so I can’t really say that I took advantage of the low calories per serving, but at least that lets you know that they are good. :-) Although, my son wasn’t too happy with me finishing the bag without him.  My final verdict is:: I loved them and my son loved them! I would definitely recommend @browniebrittle especially if you are a brownie/cookie lover. It tastes just like a chocolate chip brownie, with a soft crunch (definitely not as hard as brittle).


And…guess what?? They also have other great flavors as well. Go to for more info. Plus who doesn’t love to hear about a woman following her passion and making people smile with the love she puts into these little treats. Great Job Sheila G!

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